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About Us

Marcopolo Tiles Company Limited is the first and leading tile manufacturing company in Zambia, which has immensely contributed to meeting the demand for tiles in Southern Africa. The company produces high quality porcelain, ceramic and glazed anti slip floor and wall tiles. We produce unique and modern designs at affordable prices including 3D printing for interior and exterior decorations.

Why Choose Us

Marcopolo Tiles has positively incorporated “Taking the substantive attitude and prioritizing innovation and artistic esthetics” into its operation concept and put a higher premium on product quality and brand image. Marcopolo Tiles Company Limited is under Wonderful Group of Companies which is a well known giant in the manufacturing industry in Zambia.

Our Tiles

Double Loaded & Full Body Tiles
Our range of double loaded and full bodies tiles offer the purchaser an extra element of durability in terms of the construction and makeup of this range.

Colour Range Technology
Using the latest inkjet and design technologies and templates, our designs are produced to cater to the tastes of a wide segment of various purchasing markets.

Glazed Porcelain Tiles
Our range of porcelain tiling are produced in various formats encompassing glazed, matt, polished, gloss and full bodied. There is a variety to choose from.

Tile Specifications
Our Marcopolo range of tiling currently covers the 600×600 sizing variants with new dimensions to be released soon. Our tiles are 9.3mm thick , 30kg per box of 4.

Other Products

Some of our best sellers


Other Southern African based Producers have overwhelming demand in their own countries of establishment. Only the People’s Republic of China and Republic of India and some other Asian countries have surplus or excess production for export to Southern Africa. As a result, the most of tiles come from the People’s Republic of China. Therefore, with the establishment of the Marcopolo Tile Plant in ZAMBIA transport costs to Southern Africa and other tariff barriers have been eliminated making the tiles more affordable to Zambian and Regional consumers.

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